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Quitting Smoking – Immediate Rewards of Quitting the Habit of Smoking


When a smoker is determined to improve his present health status, the only solution is by quitting his smoking habits. Unlike dieting or exercise to reduce fat, a smoker need not wait for a few days or weeks just to rip his rewards of kicking the tobacco habit. Right away, positive changes can take place that help improve his daily life. These are some of the said rewards a smoker could enjoy if he decides to stop:

– Breath smells a lot better
– Your clothes and hair will not smell like tobacco
– Eating is more enjoyable as food tastes better
– No more stained teeth or yellowish fingernails
– Breathing is a lot easier and sense of smell is improved

When you stop smoking, you would gain more social acceptance. As you may have observed, smoking is less socially acceptable as in every workplace or public place, there are guidelines for smoking to follow. There are circumstances that even when hiring employees, a company may choose to employ non-smokers. This is because smoking employees tend to get sick easily and this would mean larger cost in health insurance for both the employee and the employer. Even some of your friends would ask you to smoke outside their homes and cars. At times when you are really in a tight situation, finding a place to smoke is really a hassle!

Think of the cost that your smoking habit entails everyday! During these hard times, it’s not practical to be spending too much on something that helps deteriorate your life! Just think of how many cigarettes you consume in a day. Of course you know how much a pack costs and so by simple mathematics, you would be able to realize how much money you’re throwing away in a day and in a month and in years! If you’re only stop smoking, you can save a lot to use during times that you need resources the most.

When you smoke, you not only put your own life at risk but as well as the lives of those who live with you: your family. It is very critical especially when someone is pregnant in your household as secondary smoke can still do damage just as direct smoke does. Most babies when exposed to smoking at pregnancy are usually born lacking in weight and may have physical abnormalities! What if that child is your own?

Set an example now by quitting smoking. The fact that it does not do anything good for the long-term should be reason enough for you to stop. For the sake of extending your life and those of your loved ones, get rid of smoking now!

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