Removing Airborne Pet Hair – 5 Reasons to Use Air Purifier to Remove Airborne Pet Hair


Removing airborne pet hair is probably one of the largest issues that comes with having a pet as part of the family. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, bird, guinea pig or some other adorable creature, pet hair can cause a lot of headache. Of all the solutions you can try, here are 5 reasons to use an air purifier to remove airborne pet hair for good.

1. Saves Time using an air purifier which motor is designed to run 24 hours means that airborne pet hair is never allowed to build up in your air. This means you'll spend less time cleaning up after your pets and more time enjoying them; and since the hair is removed from the air before it falls, there is less hair to send airborne from the furniture and floor as you move about the house doing normal activities.

2. Cleans Pollutants That You Can not See Not only does an air purifier removes dog hair that may be visible, but a high efficiency particles arresting cleaner will remove airborne pollutants that you can not see such as pet dander, dust, sand, dirt that goes airborne after a romp in the yard, or the tiny pieces of kitty litter or wood chips that go airborne after your cat or guinea pig romp in their respective boxes.

3. Improves Your Health Pet hair and dander are often triggers of allergy, and asthma-like symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, and worse still full blown asthma attacks. By constantly reducing the level of airborne particles that your pet creates-dust, pollen, feathers, dander, kitty litter, sawdust, you create a safe space where both your family and pets can co-exist happily.

4. Economical In many cases filtering your air with a purifier costs no more to operate that a 60 watt light bulb, so operating the purifier costs minimally more in electricity each month and saves gas because you are not having to continuously drive to get other products to deal with pet hair that may not provide a solution to the problem.

5. Safe to Use If you're like me, you are constantly on guard about everything that you introduce into your home because of the adverse effect it may have on your family and your pet-whether it's the food, toys, treats, cleaning solutions, lawn care products-anything and everything. A well-made air purifier provides only fresh, pollutant free air as a by-product, and is safe for pets and small children because pieces are less likely to be chewed, cause choking, or other injury.

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