The 5 Easiest Ways of Ferret Proofing a Room


Ferrets get along well with humans, all because they can easily relate and adapt. A conducive environment is ideal especially if you are about to own a ferret for the very first time. Ferret proofing a room is also necessary to keep things well organized. Accidents and ferret-related problems would also be avoided in time.

Ferret proofing a room is a must if you want to imposes organization and propriety in your space or living area. Many accidents have occurred due to lack of concern or mere disregard for details. Ferrets are very curious pets and most of the time, you can see them playing with their owners, sleeping or exploring small openings as if it's playtime. To avoid unnecessary troubles and accidents, it is best to do the following steps before owning or bringing home your ferret pet.

1. Try to have one specific area for your pet. If this is not possible, ferret proofing a room away from the laundry or kitchen area is definitely advised. The said spaces are usual grounds of ferret accidents and one great way to lessen your worries is to place your pet in an environment where he can freely do what he wants.

2. Windows screens and open spaces are great mediums for ferret escapes. Prevent these instances by locking doors and windows or by means of utilizing locks in their cages. Surprisingly, ferrets can easily figure their way out by means of openings such as windows and dryer vents. So, it is always better to secure these openings.

3. Your choice of appliance can also affect ferret safety. Many long-term ferret owners know that laundry areas are like pits of danger for ferrets. Ferret proofing a room means a lot of work but the idea of ??accidentally dumping your dirty clothes along with your ferret is enough reason to veer their attention away from your washer. Keeping your laundry baskets close as well as trash bins likewise help.

4. Couches and sofas are like toys for ferrets. They usually hide beneeth these types of furniture without necessarily minding the consequences. Rocking chairs and recliners also pose a threat to ferrets. Furthermore, it is strongly advised to inspect cushions and have them immediately repaired if chewed on by ferrets.

5. Ferret proofing a room also includes restricting access to kitchen areas as much as possible. Do not leave your ferrets unattended. Organize your dirty kitchen and keep all cleaning supplies in a well-secured place. Cover electric wires and cords with plastic enclosures. It is also best to regularly inspect wall openings and cupboards to avoid minor accidents.

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