Useful Tips to Help You Keep That Perfect Smile


What does a smile say about you?

Whether it's landing a promotion at work or trying to impress that special someone, a smile is all you need to catch a person's attention. A smile is probably one of the best accessories a person can arm themselves with. But it would be no good if a person feels too self conscious about their smile due to discoloration of their teeth.

The yellowing of teeth is a common problem that affects most men, women and children. The most common causes of this are the bad food choices we make. Drinking too many fizzy beverages also harms our teeth.

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We have all read how a balanced diet is important for the health of your teeth and what food items are defensive and actually safeguard your teeth. But what happens when our teeth are in trouble?

The usual culprits:

• While some people go on excessive diets to curb their weight, what they do not realize are the negative impacts they have on their bodies and especially their teeth.

• A balanced diet is very important for maintaining good health. We need to have vitamins and minerals for our bodies to function properly. While dieting leads to a deficiency in the whole body, our teeth are usually the first to be affected.

• If you wake up one day and happen to find a cavity in your tooth, the "let's wait and see" approach definitely will not help you. That is because once teeth start to deceay they do not stop until you pay a visit to the dentist and get them checked.

• If you leave a decaying tooth unattended, it can also lead to other more serious problems like the inability to chew food or even a severe toothache that could last for days.

• Having bad teeth can lead the decay to spread to the other teeth that are not infected yet.

• Having a toothache is one of the early signs of having a cavity and should be checked by a dentist immediately.

• The increasing use of teeth whitening products among children can be harmful if done without proper supervision.

• Excessive use of coffee, colas and food which contain high amounts of starch can also ruin our teeth.

• One of the side effects of smoking is the harm it causes to our teeth as the nicotine present in tobacco causes discoloration of the teeth.

• Many people think of fluoride as something that is good for our teeth as many types of toothpaste contain it, but excessive use of fluoride can harm the enamel of our teeth.

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